SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Members of the town of Surfside Beach’s parking committee disagreed Monday with a suggestion to raise the town’s hourly parking rates by as much as $150%.

Committee members discussed the recommendation by Pivot Parking to raise the rate from $2 to between $3 and $5.

News13 reached out to Pivot Parking, which manages the town’s parking, to find out why it wants the increase but has not received a response.

“This isn’t Myrtle Beach,” said Harry Kohlmann, a member of the parking committee. “This isn’t New York City. I don’t think we should charge big city prices.”

However, one resident at the meeting said the city could benefit from the higher rates.

“Anytime you can increase for the town without increasing my taxes, I’m all for it,” Judy Henion said. “With all of the expenses we’re beginning to look at regarding all of the building in town, we’re going to need the extra revenue.”

Still, Henion added that if she were a visitor she would look for somewhere free to park.

Kohlmann said the parking rates are a “delicate balance.”

“You raise it to three to five dollars, you may not have anyone parking in the parking lots, nobody going to the restaurants, so there’s a delicate balance here,” he said.

Another part of the parking balance includes the number of non-residential decals issued by the town. Currently, there are 100 decals available. The committee plans to suggest that the town council make 150 available and keep the price of non-residential parking decals at $200.      

“I don’t want to have the problem again that so many people are parking at the beach access that residents can’t even park there,” Kohlmann said.

The parking committee plans to continue discussing these topics at its next meeting on Nov. 21.