SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The Surfside Beach Pier Committee met Monday evening to discuss progress and plans for the pier, which is being rebuilt after it was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

“We want to build revenue for the town,” said Tabitha Mull, committee vice chair.

No official vote was taken during the meeting, but members agreed that some of the recommendations being made would be a good idea.

“We’ve got that pavilion and can implant a second deck, no change in the footprint, you know, could we have that as an observation desk and use the space under it as one of the proposals?” asked Robert Krouse, committee chair.

He said the committee did not rush into any decision and had to take all options into consideration.

“To make this pier the best it can be, I think we have to push, not just accept the first answer,” Krouse said. “We really [need to make sure we are] reading things properly and we’re not just getting a quick answer.”

Another idea discussed was about kiosks, but there were some logistics that needed further discussion.

“We also need to determine how many kiosks, what’s the space availability for that, above, under all of that,” Mull said. “There are just a lot of moving parts to that.”

She also said she wants to be transparent with the public about this process. There will be a weekly newsletter sent out about the progress made, as well as other important information.

“Just the sheer progress of what’s going on, we want that information out to you guys, the entire public as quickly as possible,” Mull said.

The next pier committee meeting is Aug. 8.