SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A Surfside Beach town official told News13 on Wednesday that a stop-work order issued involving the pier was issued due to rumors and bad information.

There were two stop-work orders issued recently, one for the pier and one for the buildings connected to the pier Construction on the pier has resumed, but it’s unclear exactly when work on the buildings will be restarted.

Town Administrator William Shanahan said the order halting work on the pier was issued as a precautionary measure after rumors surfaced that permits and licenses were not done properly. However, it was learned that whoever reported the information mixed up the name of the construction company — Consensus Construction — with the name of another construction company — Consensus Building.

The primary construction company for the pier — Consensus Construction — proved to have proper permits. Shanahan said it was due to miscommunication.

“Long before any of us got here, Consensus had worked in agreement with the [Labor, Licensing and Regulation] and they brought in a subcontractor that had already been licensed, so everything was in order,” Shanahan said. “They did nothing wrong. We didn’t do anything wrong. Just nobody knew about this agreement.”

The stop-work order for the pier was lifted about a day after it was issued.

“We reviewed that information, forwarded it to LLR and they said everything was great and we pulled that straight away,” Shanahan said.

John O’Brien, president of Consensus Construction, said the delay has cost the company and they’re ready to get started on the buildings as soon as possible.

“The cost between the marine contractor and us, the prime general contractor, is probably somewhere between $20,000 a day,” O’Brien said.

“You have crane operators, you have equipment, you have superintendents, subs all had to demobilize off the site,” O’Brien said. “We had to get them back. We’re really looking forward to getting everything approved, get the interruptions and restrictions off the job so we can knock this thing out for the town.”

Despite the delays, O’Brien said the pier is still expected to be completed in the spring of 2023.

News13 has submitted a Freedom of Information Act request with the town to obtain more information about what led to the stop-work orders.