SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The Surfside Beach Town Council voted 4-3 Tuesday night to make an area on 13th Avenue South a paid parking lot.

The additional parking proposal, in the area between Ocean Boulevard and Dogwood Drive, was part of a push to reduce traffic and give people more places to park for the beach.

The latest parking revenue report discussed at the meeting showed the town has made 12.9% more money so far in 2022 than in the entire year of 2021.

Council member Cindy Keating, voted against the proposal. She said she wanted to do more studies on the town’s parking needs before making a decision.

“I just want to make sure when we’re looking at solving what we feel are parking problems, that we’ve defined the problem correctly so we meet the optimal solution, what you can do, what kind of data that gives you and the purpose it serves,” Keating said.

Another topic discussed at the meeting were about beach mats to help people who use wheelchairs access the beach easier.

“It’s an opportunity, if not temporary, for everyone to access the beach,” said a representative with the Adaptive Surf Project.

Council Member Paul Holder said the beach mats are a positive addition to the beach.

“It does make it so much easier and I wish we could do it a lot more places,” he said.