HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Tax-free weekend in South Carolina means there’s a whole list of items you can buy without paying the state’s 6% sales tax.

The list includes normal back-to-school items like pens and pencils, computers and some clothes. However, it also includes wedding dresses and other items.

“It’s so odd because we typically think of back-to-school items,” said Rachael Wollard, owner of Two Oaks Bridal Boutique.

Wollard’s store is in Myrtle Beach near Coastal Grand Mall. This weekend, wedding dresses and veils are tax-free.

“We’re super excited for it because it’s a huge influx of business,” Wollard said.

Wollard expects a 50% increase in sales this weekend as brides-to-be can save hundreds of dollars because of not having to pay the state’s sales tax.

“This is so good for them, but it’s so good for us as well,” Wollard said.

Not everything in the boutique, however, is tax exempt. Jewelry is still subject to the state’s sales tax.

And if a wedding isn’t exactly in the works, you can buy a wedding dress for a Halloween costume tax-free this weekend, too, at Imaginations Costumes & Dance near Myrtle Beach.

“This weekend’s actually one of our biggest weekends for Imaginations,” Imagineer Donald Sayfrit said.

Sayfrit said the store doubles down with a buy-one-get-one sale for the weekend, which makes the tax holiday the second best weekend for sales –– trailing only late October’s Halloween rush.

“It’s the best deal you’re going to get,” Sayfrit said.

Although it might seem odd that costumes are tax exempt, the case is cut and dried at Imaginations.

“You can wear this to school,” Sayfrit said. “Costumes and everything go hand in hand with school and plays and stuff like that.”

Whether it’s a wedding dress or a new costume, shoppers welcome the savings.

“It’s awesome,” one shopper told News13. “It’s just one more perk.”

Two Oaks Bridal Boutique is not typically open on Sundays but will accommodate any appointments this weekend. Imaginations has regular hours planned.

The sales tax holiday ends Sunday night at 11:59:59 p.m.