LONGS S.C. (WBTW) — Thousands of people are rolling into Horry County this weekend in RVs to celebrate the Labor Day weekend.

The Willow Tree RV Resort and Campground in Longs is experiencing record-breaking numbers compared with last year, officials said. A year ago at this time, the campground was about 75% to 85% full; this year, officials said it’s maxed out

Office manager Melody Hudson said 500 to 600 people are expected at the campground this weekend.

“This is our favorite campground,” camper Chris Grainger said. “We’ve camped several different places before but, Willow Tree is just kind of a special place. When you come through the gate, it’s like all the cares in the world just kind of leave at the gate. We can just focus on relaxing and family time.”

The campground has staffing this weekend to handle the big crowd.

Typically, Hudson said there are 15 staff members on site each day, but this weekend, all 25 employees will be there.

Hudson also said lots of fun activities are planned, including kayak racing and hydro bike racing.

Hudson said there are several reasons for the increase in reservations.

“People have found that they like to be spread out,” Hudson said. “They’re enjoying being back to nature, in more of a family unit, than everyone just on their own. With the way camping is, every campground has a different personality and a different feel. People come here because we are so spread out because we’re back to nature.”

Myrtle Beach Travel Park officials said between 6,000 to 7,000 people are expected at the park this weekend. General Manager Travis Thompson said their roughly 644 campsites and 88 rentals are full.

“We’re up probably 7% compared to last year,” Thompson said. “Last was a banner year for us. This year actually smoked last year, and when will look at the month of September, we’re at 80% occupancy for the next month, which is just incredible for a shoulder-season month.”

Willow Tree RV Resort officials said they’re getting travelers from a three-hour radius, while Myrtle Beach Travel Park officials said they’re seeing people from a five to six-hour radius.