GARDEN CITY, S.C. (WBTW) — Searches related to two South Carolina deaths have topped the state’s Google searches in the last few days, according to Google Trends data.

Searches related to “umbrella” increased by 3,300% in the last week, and searches related to “Garden City” were up by 60% after 63-year-old Tammy Perreault died after being impaled by a beach umbrella that got caught in the wind at a Garden City beach.

“It was just a regular day,” her husband, Michael Perreault, told News13. “{Then} someone yelled duck, and we all ducked, and she was in the line of fire. I think what she tried to do was tip her beach chair over and when it came down it came down so fast, nobody really knew what happened. It went through her left arm, left ribcage and through her heart, and I had to watch this. She bled out on the beach.”

Searches using the term “alligators” increased by 450% after a woman was killed earlier this week following an alligator attack in Hilton Head. Authorities said that 88-year-old Nancy Becker likely slipped and fell while gardening.

President Joe Biden’s vacation to Kiawah Island this week also led to a 190% increase in searches for the island.

The searches “alligator attack South Carolina,” “woman killed by alligator in south carolina,” “south carolina woman killed by alligator” and “alligator attack in south carolina” were all considered “breakout” searches by Google.