MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The Veterans Welcome Home Resource Center on Tuesday moved a tiny home that was build to Myrtle Beach to be displayed at the Carolina County Music Fest, which will be given to a local homeless veteran.

The organization was escorted from Little River to Myrtle Beach by police and the Rolling Thunder biker organization. The goal is to spread awareness about veteran homelessness in the Grand Strand.

“There shouldn’t be any homeless veterans, that shouldn’t even be an issue,” said Scott Dulebohn, the director of the Veterans Welcome Home Resource Center. “We’re going to make sure it’s over.”

David Maxwell, an army veteran and president of the Rolling Thunder group said being a veteran is a common ground that only other veterans understand. He said they deserve a place of their own.

“[They need] a place to go, a place to relax, a place to talk to other veterans,” Maxwell said. “Once a veteran, you can only talk and understand what another veteran goes through, we’re kind of a special group.”

The tiny home will be installed on 8th Avenue in Myrtle Beach, where the veteran will live. The home will have running water, electricity, air conditioning and heat. This specific home took the Veterans Welcome Home Resource Center volunteers 10 days to build.

Dulebohn was thankful for all the effort put into this home.

“It’s been lifechanging and all the folks that want to jump on board and help, most of the time we don’t have to ask people just show right up at the door and offer whatever service they have possible to help end this thing because we shouldn’t have any homeless veterans,” Dulebohn said.

The Rolling Thunder group has been partnering with the Veterans Welcome Home Resource Center since it began. A charter member, Doug Allen, is not a veteran but has a family full of veterans, so this is a topic close to his heart.

“Getting our veterans the help they need to get off the streets and live a better life and get themselves back in the right path for themselves is just totally rewarding and humbling,” Allen said.

For more information on how to volunteer, donate and more, visit the Veterans Welcome Home Resource Center website and Facebook page.