How the City of Myrtle Beach works to keep the Downtown area clean following a busy weekend

Grand Strand

Spokesman for the City of Myrtle Beach said employees worked throughout the weekend emptying trashcans, but planned a more thorough clean up for yesterday.

“There is such a big crowd that they fill up very quickly, so we need to address that on a daily basis and maybe even more often than daily,” Mark Kruea said. “Having that northbound lane reserved for those sorts of activities allows us to get those trash vehicles up and down.”

Most of the locals News13 spoke with in the Downtown area suggested trash on the Boulevard wasn’t an issue because they believe there were less people in town for the holiday weekend this year than in previous years.

“There wasn’t as many people down here as last year I feel like,” Jackie Brown, a caricaturist who works Downtown said. “I didn’t really see a lot of trash, it just kinda smells like hot trash out here today.”

Other people News13 spoke to said, while the Boulevard looked clean they noticed trash on the beach. 

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