How the mullet got to be a fan favorite and player signature at Coastal Carolina University

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CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) – Some Coastal players started rocking the mullet a couple of years ago, but it really took off last year during quarantine when they just couldn’t get haircuts.

And since then, the mullet has become a pillar of Coastal Carolina football.

“For me, I just knew that at one point in my life I needed to have a mullet,” said Silas Kelly, a senior linebacker, No. 29. Kelly hasn’t cut his mullet for two years.

“If you would have told me when I got here that I would be known for having a mullet I would tell you that you’re crazy,” he added.

Kelly isn’t the only one known for his hair, though. A lot of players have them. And Head Coach Jamey Chadwell is no exception to the trend.

“We were winning and the mullet was starting to go crazy and they asked me, ‘Hey coach, would you grow a mullet if we won the championship?’ And you know, I had no faith in them so I said sure,” joked Coach Chadwell.

We all know how that ended. The team won the 2020 Sun Belt Conference Football Championship.

Senior C.J. Schrimpf says it wasn’t the national attention but rather right here on campus where he realized just how popular their hair became.

“I knew the mullet blew up and stuff like that, but I didn’t know how big of a thing it was, especially around campus. Until the freshmen showed up on campus and there was a kid walking around with a bleach-blonde mullet.”

Speaking of bleach blonde mullets, we found one that has merch. That’s right, senior linebacker Teddy Gallagher monetized his hair. “It all started off by just having fun and then it really took on its own persona,” Gallagher said.

While the mullets are a fan favorite, they aren’t necessarily a family favorite. “My wife doesn’t like it,” says Coach Chadwell. “My son loves it so he’s growing his out.”

“She was wondering who she married, and I slept on the couch for a little while. Besides that, I think she is getting used to it now.”

Call the Chants what you want…underdogs…a Cinderella story…or just America’s team…Coach Chadwell knows it’s his team’s talent that garners national attention.

Their hair and viral post-game celebrations are just a bonus.

“I think it’s part of our identity, not that you want to just say, ‘Oh they’re just a bunch of people who wear mullets’ and this or that, but the way they play, the way they have fun, they don’t take themselves too seriously and I think people are attracted by that. That’s sort of what the mullet represents,” said Coach Chadwell.

“We know business and how to get down to business, but we also know how to let loose and let our hair down so to speak,” he added.

And if the mullets weren’t enough of a look, during training camp coaches and players grew mustaches.

That’s tradition here, but Chadwell says it had to go after camp because both the mullet and the ‘stache would be just a little bit too much to put his wife through.

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