Community pays respect to fallen Myrtle Beach officer Jacob Hancher at funeral

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The funeral for fallen Myrtle Beach officer Jacob Hancher was held Friday.

Support and sympathy for the Hancher family has been immense with ongoing memorials and a fundraiser hosted at The Fundraiser has 722 donations totaling just under $45,000 as of Thursday.

Gov. Henry McMaster, Congressman Tom Rice, Gregg Humbree, Senator Luke Rankin, Representative Russell Fry, and Representative Heather Ammons Crawford were among those in attendance.

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“It really hit me hard on the drive back from the private viewing seeing all the cars piled on the side of the road showing support for Jacob and the sacrifice he made,” Patrolman Justin Barrick said.

“I remember sending him a text just simply saying ’10-4,'” Barrick said. “I was expecting some smart reply like ‘yeah man I’m good.’ Unfortunately, I did not get a text back.”

“I want you to look across this entire room and know he is living with each and every one of us right now,” Barrick said. “Watching us from above, trying to keep us safe. We all love Jacob and he would certainly be missed.”

“Jacob and I made plans for this weekend to go out and have a couple of beers,” Barrick said. “Whether he likes it or not, he’s still coming.”

“It’s hard to think that he’s not going to be here anymore, but I know he’s in a better place right now and he’s looking down on us,” Lt. Richie LaPera with Horry County Volunteer Fire Department said. “Smiling at us and watching our beach and everyone else.”

“If you ever had the pleasure of meeting Jacob then you know he is someone you will never forget,” Myrtle Beach Police Chief Amy Prock said. “He had an infections smile, a quick wit, and deep desire to help anyone who needed it. Anyone.”

“I believe Jacob had hope for a better tomorrow,” Prock said. “I have hope in a better tomorrow. You have hope in a better tomorrow.”

Lt. Jade Roy with SLED also spoke at the funeral.

“Rest easy and rest in peace our friend and brother. We will hold the line.”

Members of the community also paid their respects to fallen Officer Hancher.

“This one is tough, this young man, just a year on the job,” Donald R. Tisdale, a retired 22-year NYPD officer and sergeant said.

Ed Wilson, a local artist, showed respect for Officer Hancher through his artwork he brought to the funeral.

“I wanted to leave something in remembrance to Jacob and his family and the police department so I did an editorial cartoon this week,” Wilson said. “I’d like to give one to the chief of police and one to his family.”

“If he wasn’t working he was a volunteer firefighter,” Tisdale said. “You couldn’t ask for more from a person.”

Hancher’s funeral took Tisdale back to his time serving and reminds him of the dedication to duty, and fellow officers, who had to say goodbye too early.

“I just wish the general public would understand more of what it takes to be a police officer,” Tisdale said.

Hancher will be buried Tuesday in his hometown of Waldorf, Maryland.

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