MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WBTW) — Businesses along the Grand Strand say Wednesday was their slowest day during Bike Week.

Some visitors say they’re concerned about having enough fuel to make it through the weekend.

Bars along US-17 Business are seeing a fraction of customers than in years passed. Bikers say a limited amount of gas is leaving plans up in the air.

“Pretty concerned about how they were going to get home. How they were to have enough gas to even stay here and ride around here and things like that,” said Jamie Hanson, owner of Speed’s Performance Plus.

Some drove 60 miles to the nearest station, while others found luck in the Grand Strand.

“We had to go fill all of our vehicles up. Some of them still already had half tanks. We have 400 miles to get back home. You know where we’re going to make it,” said Dan Bennett, a bike week visitor.

Hanson said some customers are having a hard time finding quality gas. He says he’s working to make repairs on bikes that were filled with watered down fuel.

“We seem to think it was bad gas or something like that. So I told them to try and put a little something in the tank to see if it would clean it out. I cleared the code for them and we’ll see if that works for them,” Hanson said.

While some are cutting their trips short, others say there is no reason.

“I would encourage bikers’ to stay. Don’t change your plans, because within two days these start having tankers show up anyway. They can’t be that far out. I wouldn’t think,” said Robert Sprecher, a visiting biker.