SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A massive fire at Ocean Lakes Campground July 31 was believed to have started in a storage room underneath one of the homes, according to investigators.

Investigators said the fire started in a storage room at a home on Neptune Road. According to investigators, all four sides of the structure were either “consumed or collapsed.”

Structures on both sides of the home sustained damage, with most of the damage on the sides closest to the home where the fire started, according to investigators.

In the storage room, investigators saw a golf cart that was plugged into the charger and a small refrigerator near the golf cart. Due to the amount of damage, investigators couldn’t do any interior investigation, according to documents.

Drone photos taken from Horry County Fire Rescue’s Fire Investigations Unit show the extent of the damage.

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The owner of the home told investigators they noticed flames coming from the storage room under the home when they evacuated, according to documents.

The owner also told investigators they had the golf cart plugged into a different outlet due to the original outlet “constantly tripping the breaker,” according to documents.

The cause of the fire was ruled undetermined, but investigators didn’t rule out the possibility of an electrical failure due to powered appliances and equipment in the storage room where the fire started.

“A qualified expert would be needed to determine if the electrical system was the cause,” investigators said.

At least four of the sites were destroyed and two firefighters were taken to the hospital from heat exhaustion, according to Horry County Fire Rescue. Six vehicles and six golf carts were also damaged.

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Forty-five guests were impacted but no one was injured, according to Ocean Lakes Campground.

Campsites were not affected by the fire.