Isaias water and sand damage trail behind storm along South Strand

Grand Strand

GARDEN CITY BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – Several roads, pool decks, even first floors of buildings, along the South Strand, were hit by the hurricane. People were surprised there was not more damage based on Monday night’s conditions.

Carpet cleaning services were among crews helping to clean up Isaias’s aftermath. Oceanfront businesses experience some minor flood and water damage.

Fans and warning cones accompanied puddles of water and leaks from the storm. Crews shoveled the significant amounts of sand off resort pool decks pushed beyond shore by the torrential rainfall and wind on Monday.

Some compared the high wind speeds to previous devastating hurricanes.

“I was expecting a little more damage,” Doug Jacobs, a security guard in Garden City Beach, said.

Jacobs woke up thankful for a different outcome. The Garden City Beach crowd was back out Tuesday. The storm may have been only a hiccup to their vacation or beach time. Visitors got just a glimpse of hurricane season in the Carolinas.

“Well, I’m from Pennsylvania they said I’ve never seen this and I told them you better go back to your room it’s not safe down here,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs had all hands, and eyes, on deck during the hurricane’s peak. The storm was out of his control, but he was trying to keep people safe.

“There was a golf cart stuck out in the sand, the guy who went to get on it was hanging on the windshield,” Jacobs said.

Conditions on Monday were briefly brutal. The start of hurricane season leaves only little damage.

“They’ll probably be here the rest of the day and tomorrow cleaning the sand off the deck,” Jacobs said.

Pools lining the shore, crews say, will have to be drained. Workers say almost all streets were clear on Tuesday morning.

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