‘It was very emotional, it brought tears to my eyes’: Military heroes remembered at Memorial Day ceremony

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NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – Many people across the News13 viewing area came together to remember fallen and missing soldiers on Memorial Day.

“As we look at those stars and stripes, we remember those who died in service to our country but it’s also important that we remember what they died for,” said a guest speaker.

Nearly 100 people of all ages came together for a ceremony at the North Myrtle Beach Memorial Garden to pay tribute to the soldiers at war, those who lost their lives and those who are still missing in action. Debbie Robinson was there for the service and said the ceremony touched her heart.

“It was very emotional. It brought tears to my eyes,” Robinson said.

Captain Jerry Rovner was among one of the guest speakers at Monday’s memorial service. Rovner served in the Navy and said he wants to teach our younger generation of what Memorial Day really means while others take the day a little more personally.

“A recent poll was just taken that our teenage population, about two thirds of them don’t know what World War II is or the Holocaust,” Rovner said.

“True Memorial Day is honoring our veterans living and dead and still serving,” Robinson said.

Robinson added there was no place she’d rather be than alongside others on a day like Memorial Day.

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