“It’s exciting”: CCMF festival-goers say they’re satisfied with how festival’s been handled

Grand Strand

Since the Carolina Country Music Festival’s start in 2015, each year the attendance as grown by about 5,000 people. News13 talked with festival-goers to see how they think festival officials are handling the tens of thousands of people expecting to be there this weekend.

Festival-goers say officials have been doing a good job with security, with having enough space for people, and with the overall atmosphere.

“We’ve been nothing but impressed,” said Angelica and Ben Rinklin, came to the festival in 2017 and who are here for this year’s. They live in North Carolina.

CCMF attendees had nothing bad to say about how the City and festival officials are handling the tens of thousands of people that could come in for this weekend’s festival.

“Everything out here’s been really great,” said Ben Rinklin. “The city’s been very supportive because they know they draw some crowds and they know how much money it brings.”

Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Kansas and Nebraska were just some of the states festival-goers drove in from to see the country stars.

“We drove over 9 and a half hours to come here to Myrtle Beach because none of us have ever been here before and we just saw the really cool attractions that this town had and we love the beach and we love country music and listening to different artists,” said Lake Little, who drove from Mississippi to attend CCMF with her friends.

The Rinklins, who say they’ve been impressed with the festival, say they’ve had some country music festival experience under their belt, having been to CCMF before.

“I think we started dating at the country music festival out in California,” said Ben Rinklin.

Festival-goers were surprised at how many people who are attending, but say they aren’t concerned about more people potentially coming in future years.

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