Judge officially rules Atlantic Beach apartment complex a ‘nuisance business’

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CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – A judge has officially ruled an Atlantic Beach apartment complex a “nuisance business.”

Tenants from the complex were in court in Conway on Monday.

News13’s Elisia Alonso was at the hearing, and reports the Ocean Apartment have been officially declared a “nuisance business” by a judge.

The case is now settled.

The owner of the apartment complex, Dean Mabie, agreed to a one-year abatement, during which he can’t operate Ocean Apartments as a business. He’ll be eligible to do so again on June 4, 2020.

The three remaining tenants have 30 days to move out and don’t have to pay rent for the final 30 days, as the complex can’t operate as a business. A security guard is set to remain on the property for free.

“I’m happy with the decision. I’m happy that everyone’s getting their time to properly find a new home and properly shut it down. And it will open in a year. Hopefully when it opens back up in a year everything will go smooth,” said Andrew Torsiello, an Atlantic Beach resident.

Police said during an undercover investigation in November 2018, they found illegal drug and gang activity in the apartment building.

“The general representation of Atlantic – Ocean Apartments is it’s a drug haven. People go there from all over to get drugs. People from out of state know that Atlantic Beach, 612 Ocean Apartments you could get drugs,” said Atlantic Beach Police Chief Quentin Robinson.

The Horry County Solicitor’s Office previously deemed the complex a nuisance business.

An Horry County judge previously ordered the complex to close down for one year in response to the solicitor’s nuisance complaint.

Some tenants filed motions asking the judge to reverse the order to close down. The court documents filed state some tenants were not given ample time to move out, cannot afford to move, and some say they were not involved in the criminal activity.

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