Lawsuit filed against Broadway at the Beach by women who broke bones on slide dismissed

Grand Strand
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A lawsuit filed against Broadway at the Beach by two women who broke bones on a slide has been dismissed. 

According to the Horry County Public Index, the lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed without prejudice by the plaintiffs on Monday. 

Ally Mulcahy and Jillian McGovern, both from New York, filed the lawsuit against the ride’s manufacturer, Broadway at the Beach, Burroughs and Chapin, and other parties on Thursday, according to the lawsuit. 

Mulcahy and McGovern were in Myrtle Beach area on the weekend of April 29, 2017 for a friend’s wedding, the lawsuit said. Following the wedding, the two women went to Broadway at the Beach. In the early morning hours of April 30, 2017, both women walked back to their hotel, passing Pavilion Park Central, which was closed. 

“Even though it was closed, the plaintiffs were easily able to move the unsecured gate at the entrance to the Pipeline Slide and climb the stairs to the top of the slide,” claimed the lawsuit. “Without any employees present to instruct them, the plaintiffs were not aware that they needed to have the slide sprayed with water, nor did they know that they needed a burlap sack to safely go down the side.”

“Without these safety precautions, the plaintiffs slid down the slide at a very high velocity, colliding with the metal barrier at the bottom of the slide,” the lawsuit also claimed. “As a result of the collision, both plaintiffs sustained significant injuries.”

Both women reportedly went to Grand Strand Medical Center on April 30, 2017, where they “received medical attention to stabilize their injuries,” said the lawsuit. “They returned home and followed up with providers in New York for full treatment of their injuries.”

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