MYTRLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) — An Horry County artist says she wanted to do something special to honor the fallen officer so she decided to use her talent to help others heal.

Lesley Etherson teaches web and digital communications at the Academy for Arts, Science, and Technology, but previously worked at North Myrtle Beach Highschool with Melton’s brother, Milton.

“We worked together for 10 years and he’s just a phenomenal person and I’ve met Melton a couple of times and he seemed just as nice, so I felt if this could help soothe people through this tragic time, I’d be only too glad to do it,” Etherson said.

Etherson used various photoshop applications on her iPad to create digital portraits of Gore. She said she created almost 20 different portraits but decided on three to share with the Horry County Police Department and his family.

“The one with the orange swoosh, that was an abstract of a fox tail because everybody called him Fox and then the flowers were just a memorial,” Etherson said.

Etherson said she finds it easier to express her feelings with art rather than words.

“I hope that my art shows what a wonderful Officer Gore was and that I am sad that he is gone,” she said.

Etherson said several of Gore’s friends and family have reached out to her indirectly to ask for copies of the portraits and she plans to gift them.

“I’ve had several of the family members reach out and tell me that it’s extremely comforting to see this artwork and have him memorialized in this way,” Etherson said.

Etherson added that “they’re just a phenomenal family and I wish everyone could meet them and I’m just so sad that this is what reconnected us and I wish them all the healing in the world.”