Local bar management concerned about business, community impacts of new executive order

Grand Strand

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Under the “last call” executive order bars and restaurants are prohibited from selling alcohol starting Saturday after 11 p.m.

Bar management at Scotty’s Beach Bar says business just started picking back up.

“You know we’ve already cut out music and we’re at 50 percent capacity. We’re already limping through this thing and now this,” said Jeff Fedak.

The new order is forcing the bar to close early. Cutting hours and income for staff.

“We close at 11 tomorrow. From my understanding there might be hits to the liquor license or fines and all that and we’re just not going to fight it,” said Fedak.

Bartenders at Scotty’s usually make the most amount of money between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Fedak says they’re also trained to properly serve alcohol and cut people off when necessary.

“Now you’ll have people walking around with mini bottles in their pocket is what’s going to happen. People will be walking down the street, drinking their own liquor and there’s not going to be any kind of enforcement or regulation of how they’re drinking,” said Fedak.

With bar hours cut short, Fedak is concerned for drivers.

“It’s going to be daytime drinking and driving now is what it is  going to be. A lot more of it, because people are not going to stop going out,” said Fedak.

What’s most frustrating for him is the inconsistency in executive orders and how they mainly impact service industry businesses.

The local bar serves many service industry workers late at night and will be losing a big portion of profit.

“Being a manager for one, how am I supposed to maximize my productivity when I have all these filters and restrictions one me? It’s killing us. July is our livelihood and it doesn’t feel like it this year. That’s for sure,” said Fedak.

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