Local bingo hall to have additional security in place

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A local bingo hall has additional security measures in place on Thursday night after two people were killed at Waccamaw Bingo last week.

The owners and players at I-17 Bingo take awareness as they return to playing the game that has brought them many friendships and a community.

Pat Perpetunio, the owner of I-17 Bingo says there will be security at the bingo hall for most nights in order for their players to feel safe.

I-17 Bingo is a Class B bingo hall just like Waccamaw Bingo, which allows higher jackpot prizes to be distributed.

The owners and many of the players at I-17 Bingo Hall on Thursday evening were friends with Steve and Sparky, the two that were killed in last Friday’s shooting.

“I was scared to come back to bingo.. but my husband said if you don’t then they won again. You have got to show them they are not going to win. So we came back the next night. Which was really tough,” I-17 Bingo player, Sue Campbell said.

I-17 Bingo owners and players who knew Waccamaw Bingo’s Steve and Sparky, say they are mourning as they play in remembrance and will use this tragedy to bring them closer together.

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