Local business talks Hurricane Florence impact nearly 6 months later

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CONWAY, SC (WBTW)- Thursday marks six months since Hurricane Florence hit which brought devastating flood waters impacting thousands of people’s homes and businesses.

Waccamaw outfitters was one of those businesses that had to close their doors for months. The owner, Matt Varnadore said the water is gone, but the aftermath sticks with him.

As the Waccamaw Outfitters busy season begins, Varnadore can’t believe it’s been nearly six months since his store was flooded, and like most in this area had to gut the inside.

“It was substantial. I don’t want to throw out too big of a number, but it was substantial for my business because we were shut down for two months,” said Varnadore.

Hurricane Florence brought record setting flooding and impacted nearly 2,000 homes in Horry County

The Waccamaw Outfitters took the City of Conway out on their kayaks to assess the damage.

“It was surreal. It was odd kayaking down streets that you know water shouldn’t be in. It was just nothing I’ve ever experienced before or care to experience again paddling through my friends backyards checking on their house,” said Varnadore.

Varnadore said they were fortunate with a huge outpour of support, but some people still aren’t in their homes.

“I sit here and talk about my business and how it was interruppted, but I still have friends who live in campers trying to get their houses back and straightened,” said Vardnadore.

Varnadore said the best way people can help is to shop local. He said it boost morale more than a  business’s cash register.

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