Local parent Facebook group supports natural remedies over vaccines

Grand Strand

A local Facebook group is growing with parents who have decided to use natural remedies for their children as an alternative to vaccines. 

Admin for the group Health Choice Myrtle Beach, Alexandria Cowell says some of the main concerns parents have with vaccines is the fear of auto immune issues, neurological disorders, and a lack of transparency from the CDC. 

“The group on social media was born just for the need to educate, and when you peel back the onion and see there’s a lot to be said for the research that hasn’t been shared with the public,” said Cowell. 

Cowell, a mother of three, says if one of her children were to come down with measles, she would begin treating with Vitamin A, bone broth, along with fruits and vegetables. 

“If I needed to seek medical attention, and it wasn’t progressing the way measles usually progresses, then I would seek medical attention, but I don’t feel like that would be the first thing I would need to do.” said Cowell.

Dr. Gibbs at the Grand Strand Medical Center says that the average person doesn’t truly know the danger of these diseases, because they never come in contact with them due to the success of the vaccinations.

“Now measles is in the news, but how often do you actually see measles? They don’t know how serious these diseases are, polio can cause paralysis, measles can cause a fatal infection,” said Dr. Gibbs.

Gibbs says as the number of unvaccinated children continues to grow, these diseases and viruses will continue to be able to spread and survive. 

“If you are exposed to the measles virus, there is a very, very good chance you are going to contract it as well, it lives for a long time in the air, it spends a long time on surfaces and that’s why it spreads to rapidly and so easily,” said Dr. Gibbs.

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