Local student creates Disney-themed free little library

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A high school senior has created a Disney-themed free little library to give the gift of reading to her community.

Lilyanna Cattani has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, but she doesn’t let that stop her from working toward her dream of becoming a teacher. She’s also creating a non-profit organization called “Hugs For Autism.”

Cattani’s free little library is full of books for people of all ages. It’s made out of a wine cooler and a bar table, and covered in Walt Disney quotes and pictures of Disney characters.

The Cattani family is huge Walt Disney fans. They say they’re inspired by his creativity and “thinking outside of the box” mindset. Anybody can come to the library, take a book or leave a book.

“I do want more people to come here and grab books, but overall I want people to come visit the library.” Lilyanna said.

She has three bins full of books ready to be stocked in the library, but she wants the community involved.

“If they have books that they don’t want any more or just plan on throwing away, bring them over here. we can repurpose them,” she said.

Books are a safe place and an escape for Lilyanna, which is why she’s so passionate about the project.

“I’ll forget my problems for a while,” she said. “I can travel anywhere I want, even to places that don’t exist simply by picking up a book.”

It wasn’t only books that gave her comfort when she was younger. Teddy bears were another safe place, which is why she’s also creating “Hugs For Autism.”

Lilyanna said she wants “to help people with autism, not just kids but also adults too”.

Her non-profit organization is still in the beginning stages of its journey, so there isn’t a website yet. However, you can find her Disney-themed Little Free Library online. The charter number for her library is 126565.

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