Long lines wrap around COVID-19 testing sites as demand increases

Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, so is the demand for testing.

“The lines pretty much through the week were a little hectic,” Latoya Harris, a medical technologist at the Myrtle Beach International Airport testing site, said.

Cars full of people waiting to get a COVID-19 test have been lining up at the airport.

“Sometimes the line is wrapped around the road, and we just try to keep that line down,” Harris said.

Harris is a traveling medical technologist and spends her time visiting different sites. During the past few weeks, she said she has seen a surge in testing demand.

“The numbers have picked up, especially in surrounding cities in South Carolina,” she said. “Here is roughly maybe four to 500 so, it’s been picking up pretty steadily.”

While no appointment is required at the airport site, Harris said pre-registering has helped keep the line moving faster.

“If you’re already pre-registered, the line goes pretty quickly,” she said. “If you have to register, we have to pull you over or have you wait in line, and it just makes the line a little longer.”

The increase in tests is also causing some delays in getting results.

“The lab gets overwhelmed, and I mean it’s been hectic some days, and so sometimes it’s three or four days before people get the results,” Harris said. “So yeah, sometimes there is a backlog.”

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