MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Making a splash in a new pool or taking a dip in a new hot tub could be more difficult this year.

Supply shortages, transportation problems and inflation are a big part of the problem.

Josh Griffith, sales professional at Elko Spas, Billiards and Pools, said it could be next year before some people get their products.

“Everything has been delayed, obviously there’s a global supply chain shortage so it’s certainly a challenge,” Griffith said. “Hot tubs anywhere from six to nine months out. We’re backed out on pools until probably second quarter of next year, and then parts, it just depends on the part, it could take a week or two, it could take a couple months or so.”

Spas and pools are not only harder to get — they also cost more. Employees at several local companies said everything from PVC pipe, pumps, pool filters and chemicals have increased in price.

Daniel Joyner, sales manager for Pools Plus of the Carolinas, said some people have seen big increases in their pool costs compared to years before the pandemic.

“We’ve seen, I mean some of our pools, upwards of 50% increases on the pool pricing itself,” Joyner said.

Chlorine prices are also increasing for many local companies.

“Definitely you know triple price from what it used to be two years ago,” Joyner said.

Companies can try to stock up on products to help combat shortages or increases in prices, but some manufacturers only allow retailers to buy a certain amount of products.

“Especially in the hot tub industry, and I imagine this correlates to other industries as well, we’ve been given an allotment and so the manufacture is only releasing X amounts of units to retailers,” Griffith said. “So, once I’m sold out of that then we’ve got to pre-sell.”

The pre-sells can have long wait times.

Joyner and Griffith said they have customers who won’t be getting pools or hot tubs installed until next year.

Joyner said Pools Plus of the Carolinas is trying to help people out, but it can be difficult.

“Right now, our company — I cant speak for all companies — but we are eating a lot of the prices ourselves,” Joyner said.

“Eventually we can’t eat every price increase I mean were going to have to start pushing them on more and more,” he said.

Griffith said please be understanding and patient with companies providing these services.

“Believe me I would prefer not to have a lot of people waiting for things,” he said. “I want to get them to you as fast as humanly possible, but the reality is almost all of this stuff is out of our control as retailers.”

He said perspective is also important.

“Perspective is important in life in general, but especially when it comes to waiting for things that are maybe even considered luxury items — like hot tubs and swimming pools and parts of your cars and things of that nature,” he said. “We’re very blessed to be here in this country and if you have to wait a little bit longer for something that people in other parts of the world — or third world countries — can’t even get or wouldn’t know exist is a blessing and we should just continue to be patient.”

Joyner said people who are considering getting a new pool installed should start now. He said it could be a year wait on pool shells and tiles and people should sign contracts to lock in prices to avoid increases.

Joyner and Griffith said thankfully, most people are willing to wait because their companies have quality products.