FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – The person shot by a constable in Florence Saturday night will be released from the hospital Monday night, SLED spokesperson Thom Berry told News13. 

SLED is waiting to interview the man, according to 12th circuit solicitor Ed Clements, because he’s still on pain medication.

The constable, whose name hasn’t been released, shot the man during a traffic stop on Waverly Avenue near Sunset Drive. The constable was working with a Florence police officer, but the police officer didn’t fire their gun, the city said in a press release.

The constable has worked with the police department “periodically” for the past four years, the city said.

The circumstances of the shooting remain unclear. Clements said the man had been pulled over for a “violation of traffic laws” and refused to get out of his car. What happened next hasn’t been released, but Clements told News13 he believes eight shots were fired. He wasn’t sure how many hit the man.

Dash cam and body cam videos were sent to the SLED lab for a frame-by-frame analysis, Clements said, and SLED’s also working to speak with anyone who may have seen the shooting.

The city said its officer is not under investigation. The constable can’t work until the investigation is over, SLED told News13. 

News13 requested dash cam video and police radio traffic, among other things, from the Florence Police Department. Lt. Mike Brandt told News13 he had no timeline for when that information would be released because the investigation is ongoing.

Clements told News13 he would review all of the evidence and decide whether anyone should be charged. Prosecutors commonly review evidence when officers shoot someone.

SLED told News13 the constable is an “advanced group 3” constable. They are volunteers and work without getting paid, spokesperson Berry said. The person has to request to work for a particular agency and, if that agency approves the person, they must follow the agency’s rules. 

“As the Mayor of the City of Florence, I want to assure the public that I am satisfied that the City of Florence police officers performed their jobs properly and I am confident that SLED will investigate fully and fairly,” Mayor Stephen Wukela said Sunday.