MBFD sees increase in stingray sting reports

Grand Strand

Courtesy: SCDNR

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – When going out into the ocean people need to be aware of potential hazards such as waves, currents, and wildlife.

One such hazard is stingrays which are normally found in shallow coastal waters.

In the month of June, Myrtle Beach Fire Department says they have had more calls of stingray stings than all of last year. From May 30 to June 21 the department used eight stingray kits.

“These sting ray kits were used on subjects that had symptoms and wounds similar to a stingray envenomation.” said a department official.

The Southern Stingray is common in South Carolina estuaries, where rivers empty out into the ocean, according to SCDNR. They have a venomous spine attached to the base of their tail to defend itself.

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