MBPD releases video showing undercover officers cracking down on smoke shops

Grand Strand

With more and more smoke shops sprouting up along the Grand Strand, local and statewide agencies are working to make sure store owners abide by regulations.

News13 obtained video from the Myrtle Beach Police Department showing undercover officers purchasing products from three smoke shops in Myrtle Beach.

Two of the shops are located on North Kings Highway, the third on Ocean Boulevard.

In one of the videos, the undercover officer can be heard as as he enters the store as he asks about some of the products.

The clerk can be heard advising him not to take certain ones if they have an upcoming drug test.

“Now will I catch a bus from any of these,” said the officer.

“Yes, it won’t be super strong, but there’s some THC in it, so if you have a drug test, I wouldn’t take it, as long as it’s not the next day, you should be fine,” said the clerk.

News13 obtained documents that show letters were sent to two Myrtle Beach shops, notifying that they sold marijuana disguised as industrial hemp. 

The letter states products were sold to undercover officers and tested above the legal limit for THC.

Chief Amy Prock, with the MBPD, said the case is still under investigation.

“Some of the employees interacted with that some of these products can get you high which is a concern to me, during the test we also found that two products with the same trade name had inconsistencies,” said Chief Prock.

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