Municipal elections: Conway City Council candidates

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CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Seven city council candidates are competing for three open seats in Conway.

Conway has faced several challenges in the last few years including devastating flooding from Hurricane Florence and limited access to where floodwater can flow to.

News 13 spoke with all seven candidates seeking a city council seat. All have solutions for flooding on the forefront of their campaigns.

“Better infrastructure for the community. Trying to relate with the folks about where to build. How much to build. And what’s going to happen to the overflow of water off of those lots that they’re building to make sure that the residents who are presently here are not effected by new growth,” said council member Larry White, an incumbent seeking reelection.

“A main goal of mine would be to work with our fellow council members as we have through the years to purchase more property for water flow to go to. To work hand-in-hand with [SCDOT] to put some box culverts and be able to get underneath 501, besides just under the bridge,” said council member Tom Anderson II, an incumbent seeking reelection.

Storm water and flash flooding also threaten the city’s livelihood.

“The flooding at the river level is a massive problem. There’s a dutch company that’s come up with a proposal that involves resist, delay, store and discharge. It involves pumps, planning and some programs related to ways of diverting river flow. And we need a major program for the river,” said candidate Randy Alford.

“With the storms we’ve had in the past few years we need to look at the impact of development, but also look at how we can make changes to help our storm water impact. Our water shed. As well as our pollutants in Crab Tree,” said candidate Alex Hyman.

Other candidates say infrastructure and over development are causing major flooding issues.

“I believe that there is so much over development right now. Too much rezoning and I want to try and reign that in. So that the people that live in Conway aren’t in fear that their homes are going to be flooded all the time and that there’s so much impervious surface that people are getting water in their yards where they never had water before,” said candidate Barb Eisenhardt.

“We’ve had too many experiences lately with flooding. I think the biggest issue with that is addressing our infrastructure. We need to find another way over the Waccamaw River from Conway. That has to become a priority for us,” said candidate Justin Jordan.

One candidate says the city’s partnership with Horry County will alleviate the city’s flooding problem.

“The county will do the heavy lifting as far as flooding. We all pay storm water fees and they are already working with the core of engineers to see what can be done to alleviate the flooding in Conway. So we just need to walk in lock step with the county, because they will do most of the expense and most of the work for us, fortunately,” said Liz Galland.

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