HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Phantom Fireworks in Horry County, along with several Myrtle Beach area firework stores say they are very busy this year as 4th of July weekend approaches.

“We had a lot of people come in on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this past week and sales have really rocketed since then. We might have a few slow days at the beginning of the week but we expect it to be high volume by the 1st,” said Michelle Turner, the general manager of Phantom Fireworks in Horry County.

Turner said they ordered much more than last year to keep with demand.

“We even ordered much more than we did last year so we’re still getting more product than in years past, Turner said.

Turner said they’re not experiencing the nationwide firework shortage and actually said the stores they order from have tons of fireworks, it’s just a shipping issue.

“On some products we’re paying more for shipping than the cost of the product.” Turner said they’re paying 25% more per container.

Turner said they’re stocked with fireworks, the pickings may just be slim by the end of the week.

“We actually made the biggest order we’ve ever had in the history of phantom fireworks,” Turner said.

With so many people coming in early to buy their fireworks for this weekend, the Myrtle Beach Fire Department wanted to remind everyone that they’re illegal in city limits.

“In the city of Myrtle Beach, fireworks are illegal to have or use. I know just outside the city limits there are shops selling them and they’re more than welcome to do so but once you bring them to the city of Myrtle Beach, it can be $1,000 plus fine just for having them,” said Captain Jonathan Evans with Myrtle Beach Fire Department.

Evans said it could not only cost you a fine but someone could get seriously injured.

“We do have a lot of fires, especially dune fires on the beach because people like to shoot them off on the beach,” Evans said. “They think there’s no problem, the wind pushes them back inland and they hit a dune or a hotel and now we have an issue.”

Evans said sparklers and small poppers should be fine in city limits, just to be careful when setting them off.