Myrtle Beach area residents frustrated with Holmestown Road paving job

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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Residents in the Myrtle Beach area are frustrated with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) for the paving job done on Holmestown Road, saying it’s worse than it was before.

SCDOT said the construction was originally an expedited process due to the many potholes the road had but now, crews have to work to fix the new issue along the road — the bumpiness.

“It feels like your steering wheel is shaking when you’re driving on that road, it really is. It’s terrible,” said Donna Blaso, a resident along Holmestown Road.

Shaky and bumpy are just two words to describe the outside westbound lane of Holmestown Road.

“The way they ended up doing it, I almost rather have the road back with the potholes cause the one lane they paved first going from 17 Bypass towards [Highway] 707 — it’s bumpy,” said Leonard Borden, a resident along Holmestown Road.

SCDOT told News13 there has only been one other successful expedited project in Horry County.

“It was already pretty routine until the bumps started showing up on the westbound lane,” said Pete Poore, the SCDOT director of communications.

Poore said the process has been successful except for the outside westbound lane, which he said resulted in an inadequate ride in that lane. SCDOT received 10 complaints this month about it and are currently evaluating the project for the next steps going forward.

“The intent of this project was to get it done quickly and we run into a snag so we’re moving quickly to rectify that,” Poore said.

Representative Russell Fry (R) also addressed the issue.

“After taking a leisurely stroll down Holmestown Road a few weeks ago and needing a chiropractic adjustment immediately afterwards, I called SCDOT,” Fry said.

SCDOT told News13 that crews will be headed out this week to inspect the road and start what they call “diamond-cutting” for the entire project. Poore said if that doesn’t solve the issue, they’ll have to look into other options.

Fry thanked SCDOT’s quick response, and said SCDOT told him the repairs should begin late next week to fix the issue, weather permitting.

Residents in the area just hope construction is done soon.

“Traffic is horrible,” Blaso said. “Trying to get in and out of my development is horrible.”

“In the meantime, the wooden roller coaster located at the old Pavilion may be long gone, but if you’re looking for the same bumps, dips, whiplash, and exhilarating but painful thrill, head on down to Holmestown Road,” Fry said.

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