Myrtle Beach artist joins nationwide effort to raise money for South Carolina’s state dog

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Myrtle Beach artist Margo Keohler has used her talent painting animals in South Carolina since 2016, and the money she earns goes to the state’s Boykin Spaniel Rescue.

“When you can take something you love and also make somebody happy and do something good for the world, it’s the best,” said Koehler.

Koehler’s work painting animals for donations started when she raised a quarter of a million dollars for the Pennsylvania SPCA. She also painted K9s for the New Jersey State Police at one point to help raise money for K9 vests and supplies. 

Now, donations that go to the Boykin Spaniel Rescue in South Carolina help with the breed’s common health issues like dislocated kneecaps.

“The money goes to all of this, plus there’s a fund so that all veterinary bills are paid for that dog,” said Koehler.

It takes Koehler about a month to finish each painting for a client.

“All of a sudden, it’s just like a teeter totter, it just tips, and it just flows out,” said Koehler. “Hours go by.” 

She says the saddest story she has ever painted for was about a dog named Savannah who needed surgery after her ACL was torn. Koehler painted three different portraits of dogs for three different people at $325 per painting, and it helped to get Savannah’s surgery paid for. 

Although Boykin Spaniels are the South Carolina state dog, the state isn’t the only one helping out in the effort to keep the breed healthy.

“Mississippi, and Alabama, Florida, all the way to North Carolina, just wherever there’s a Boykin Spaniel,” said Koehler. “If it falls on hard times, you just get back to the rescue and they say we’ll make arrangements.”

Koehler will attend the 2019 Boykin Spaniel Society Nationals at the end of March to meet other Boykin Spaniel owners for the opportunity to paint and continue to raise money for the cause.

If you want to support her work, or have your own dog painted, click here to check out her website.

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