MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The Myrtle Beach Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association served Christmas dinner to Myrtle Beach police officers and held a special honor for fallen officer Jacob Hancher.

“We like feeding our officers on the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas to show how much we appreciate them for what they do throughout the year,” said Barbara Prescop, president of the Myrtle Beach Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.

Prescop said they’ve done this for seven years and it’s a tradition they wanted to continue even during the pandemic.

Prescop added that “a lot of times they can’t be with their own families so we like to make sure they get some good home-cooked foods to make them feel a little bit better about working on the holidays.” 

There were safety precautions like masks and gloves, but the big difference this year is dinner is grab and go instead of the officers sitting together.

“They’re coming in one or two at a time, we’re making them a takeout container and they pretty much tell us what they want in it and we fix them a container and then they take it and go,” Prescop said.

Prescop said “we needed to do what we needed to do with all the safety precautions in order to at least provide them with something to let them know the community is still there, we’re still behind them.”

There was an empty seat and dinner plate set for fallen Myrtle Beach Police Officer Jacob Hancher who died in the line of duty in October.

“Jacob died in October so close to the holidays that we wanna let everyone know that we’re still thinking about him, he’s never out of our thoughts,” Prescop said.

Prescop said she remembered serving Jacob for holiday dinners in years past.

“It’s still sad that he’s not here in person because he was always so jovial, he always smiled. He always enjoyed being with his family in blue,” Prescop said.