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Myrtle Beach City Council does not approve outdoor axe throwing venue downtown

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC)- Myrtle Beach City Council decided to not allow an axe throwing amusement in downtown. This is something that's become popular in other cities in the state like Greenville. City leaders said understand the success, but it's something they don't want downtown.

The business would have been outside on the corner of 8th Ave North and Chester St. Currently, the city does not allow axe throwing in any zoning district and if allowed would have to implement safety measures like no alcohol.  It would have be completely fence in and have individual lanes that are fenced in. The planning commission is unanimously against it. They say it caters to 18 years or older and does not move toward the city's hard work of maintaining a reputation as a "family beach"

"They have been used as weapons and on one hand we're saying we don't want that in the downtown area and on the other hand we've got this proposal and the two do not seem consistent," said city manager John Pederson.

While the outdoor facility downtown has been denied, city leaders did discuss possible indoor axe throwing and being in a different location. The company will have to go back to the planning commission with new plans before it could go back to council again.

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