Myrtle Beach councilman releases statement after police cars hit with fireworks

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Myrtle Beach councilman Mike Chestnut released a video statement Thursday after several police cars were hit with fireworks and paintballs early Wednesday morning.

“Public safety is a shared responsibility and we need you to be a part of that shared responsibility and help us deal with the situation that we have going on in the community,” Chestnut said.

Chestnut also asked parents to not provide fireworks to kids and to take them away if their kids do have them. He reminded everyone that fireworks are illegal in Myrtle Beach city limits.

He also asked for people to stop throwing things and shooting things at cars.

“It’s really a dangerous situation,” Chestnut said.

He said there are plenty of professional fireworks displays going on and advises people to just watch those instead.

Shortly after the video statement was posted by the Myrtle Beach Police Department on Facebook, the department also made a post listing some of the charges that can be faced for misusing fireworks and paintball guns.

This comes after officers were called Wednesday morning to the area of Hemingway Street and Graham Avenue after complaints that people were shooting off fireworks.

Fireworks were fired at three police cars and two other police cars were hit by paintballs, according to police. One police car was hit by fireworks in the windshield, another was hit in the bumper, and the third was fired directly under the car.

Officers were unable to find the people who shot the fireworks or the paintballs, police said. Neighbors in the area told police the fireworks are an ongoing issue from that home, according to the report.

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