MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Recent studies show that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the mental health of nearly half of Americans.

Medical experts say, job loss, self-isolation, and fear of catching the coronavirus are resulting in anxiety and depression for many.

Coastal Haven Counseling, located in Myrtle Beach, has seen a sudden increase in patients since Governor McMaster’s recent orders to reopen additional businesses, restaurants, and gyms.

Sandy Quast, owner of and counselor at the practice, says that many are in need of learning how to function even after COVID-19.

“Since the governor spoke last, the phones have gotten a lot busier, and I think it’s people realizing they can go out and get help,” Quast explained. “A lot of people don’t realize they can do teletherapy.”

Teletherapy is a virtual method that many medical professionals are using to treat patients while at home.

Therapists at Coastal Haven Counseling are continuing to treat patients both virtually and in-office while remaining socially distant.

While many people are learning how to endure the coronavirus, Quast says, anxiety and depression are currently the most common mental disorders in the country.

“Depression is like social isolation, feelings of hopelessness, feelings of worthlessness,” Quast says. “Now people might be feeling those because of loss of income or their business might be shutting down.”

She says anxiety and depression during the pandemic is normal. However, it’s important to keep busy and stay virtually connected with friends and family during a time of social distancing.

“It is a natural reaction to change and negative change like that, however, they don’t need to be alone in that.”

Quast also tells News13 although those disorders aren’t unusual amid the coronavirus outbreak, professional help should be considered if negative emotions are prolonged.