Myrtle Beach rescinds emergency executive order, curfew lifted

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UPDATE: The overnight curfew has been lifted and the city rescinded Sunday’s executive emergency order. (Monday, 11 a.m.)

Mayor Brenda Bethune issued a curfew for the City of Myrtle Beach from 6 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday.

She said the civil emergency declaration was to help the city to be prepared. Bethune added that the city has received some threats against the police department.

“We need to be prepared,” she told News13 on-air. “We don’t want to be caught having to make decisions at the last minute.”

The executive order said people were required to return to their homes by 6 p.m. Sunday. Visitors were required to return to where they are staying. The following were exempted from the order:

  • Law enforcement officers and firefighters
  • Essential government and public utility personnel
  • Public works personnel
  • Accredited members of the media
  • Individuals engaged in providing shelter for homeless individuals
  • Essential accommodations industry employees

During these hours, businesses are ‘strongly encouraged’ to close with certain exceptions.

  • Accredited media outlets
  • Accommodations businesses
  • Businesses offering direct health care services, including hospitals, health care clinics and pharmacies
  • Essential government, military and public utility personnel
  • Agencies engaged in providing shelter for homeless individuals

The mayor said the measures were in an effort to make sure the city was doing everything it could to keep the community safe.

Bethune said the police department is prepared and that it is working with other agencies which have come in to help.

The mayor issued this statement in regards to the situation involving George Floyd:

WE ARE A COMMUNITY OF PEACE – Like you, I have been burdened all week over the brutal and senseless death of George Floyd. As a mother and grandmother, I’ve been grieving over all of the violence across our nation. I don’t want my grandsons to grow up in a world where hatred and prejudice still prevails. Our Country deserves better, our City deserves better and our children deserve better. I am sad, I am angry, and I am heartbroken, just as each of you are. But anger is not the way to solve anything, and it is not what our community needs. Each of us has a voice and if we want to be heard, if we want to put an end to the bigotry that sadly still exists today, then we must do so by turning away anger. And the way to so is by exemplifying peace to our hurting, grieving nation. I urge you to join me in being the peacemakers that Matthew talked about in the Bible.“ Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”We are all beloved children of God, regardless of the color of our skin. He loves us all equally, just as we should love each other equally. I believe that our community is stronger and better than what we have seen happening across the country. We are a community that cares and loves. I beg you to show the world that WE ARE A COMMUNITY OF PEACE!

Mayor Brenda Bethune

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The city of Myrtle Beach declared a state of civil emergency Sunday until further notice.

Mayor Brenda Bethune made the declaration due to ‘threatened violence’ relating to protests over the death of George Floyd.

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