Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue prepares for CCMF

Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Carolina Country Music Fest draws thousands to the Grand Strand each year, and as the crowd grows, so do the number of medical calls made to Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue.

 “A lot of what we see is heat-related illnesses, you’re out in the sun, you’re drinking, maybe not taking in as much water as you should be, you’re not putting on sunscreen or getting in the shade, so we see a lot of that, especially towards the end of the day,” Lt. Jonathan Evans with MBFR said.

The agency will bring in extra crews specifically for CCMF, in addition to the staff already on the road.

“Nothing is from on-shift. We have the exact same crews that we have any other day of the year. We are staffed to handle a call whether it’s January or July, it doesn’t matter, we’re ready to go. We have the staffing ready to go,” Evans said.

Some crews will patrol the area during the event, and others will be stationed under emergency medical tents inside the gates.

The department is also making preps ahead of CCMF, including helping police sweep the area for any bombs or hazardous materials.

“Our inspectors are walking around too to make sure we have paths to get through and everything is safe with the tents as well,” Evans said.

MBFR wants to remind people attending the event of preparations they can make before CCMF to stay healthy.

“It’s a day like any other day. Take what (medications) you need to take, drink enough water, take care of yourself, eat when you can, get shade when you can, make sure you wear your sunscreen. All those things you typically do for a day at the beach, you need to do the same thing here,” Evans said.

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