Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue works to prevent burns in children

Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue is working to make sure you understand the importance of treating first, second, and third degree burns for Burn Awareness Month.

Lt. Jonathan Evans with the Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue said it’s important to act quickly with this type of emergency. 

“With burns, time counts,” said Lt. Evans. “The quicker you can get them out of that atmosphere and into a medical facility, the quicker they’re going to heal.”

He also said to stay away from home remedies like using butter to treat burns. Instead, Lt. Evans suggest running the burn under cool, but not ice cold, water, or using Aloe Vera.

“Kids under nine years old are at a higher risk,” said Lt. Evans. “A lot of times it’s them getting into a bathtub that’s too hot, or having some kind of hot cocoa and they spill it on themselves.”

Lt. Evans said they will be participating in community events to help educate people on how to prevent burns and what to do if you get burned. They will be at the neighborhood watch meetings this month, and they’ll be at events like the Kidz Time Festival and the Spring Home Show in Myrtle Beach.

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