Myrtle Beach gun shop sees ‘large increase’ in CWP class attendance, gun sales

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — South Carolina saw a large increase in background checks for firearms between over 55,000 in June, up from just over 23,000 in June of last year.

One Myrtle Beach gun shop manager says it’s difficult because manufacturers for both guns and ammunition can’t keep up with the demand right now.

“On several occasions in the last few months, we’ve not only run out of guns to sell, but ammo as well,” said Cormac Arms & Outfitters Manager Chuck Dunn. “We’ve seen a large increase.”

It’s an increase in gun sales and background checks, according to Dunn.

“Sometimes to the point where when we’re doing background checks, we’ve run into a long delay before we can even get an answer back,” he said.

He says current events can be pointed to as a reason behind the uptick.

“You’ve got a large amount of civil unrest going on throughout the country,” said Dunn. “The pandemic hit and that’s when we really started seeing an increase.”

It’s a nearly 100% increase in South Carolina background checks for firearm purchases from this time last year in May and June until now.

Not only have they seen a gun sales increase at Cormac Arms and Outfitters, but they tell News13 they’ve also seen an increase in attendance at concealed weapons permit classes because people are concerned.

They’ve gone from around 5 people in a CWP class a few times a month, to 10 to 15 attendees in an every Saturday class.

Dunn tells News13 the most popular guns during the increase have been ones that are made well for home defense.

“Definitely the concealed size weapons,” said Dunn. “Many manufacturers make the smaller frame guns, you can not only carry on your side, but you can conceal about anywhere.”

As of now, Dunn says there’s no stopping the increase any time soon.

“With an election coming up in November, I don’t see it backing off very soon,” he said.

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