Myrtle Beach increases number of permits for food trucks in city

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – You could see more food trucks in Myrtle Beach soon, thanks to an ordinance expanding the number of trucks permitted in the city from six to 20.

Even though the owner of the Trojan Cow Food Truck, Drew Basilicato was part of the original six food trucks allowed in the city, he is excited Myrtle Beach is making room for more.

“We all have the same goal which is to just feed people basically. There are so many more opportunities than there are food trucks right now,” Basilicato said.

Around a dozen new trucks have hit the streets since city leaders passed the ordinance expanding the number of food trucks from six to 20.

Food truck owners say their business works better when there are more of them because it gives their customers variety.

“The political climate is perfect for food trucks, the investors want it, the customers want it, there’s plenty of us and we all get along as a family and as a team,” Basilicato said.

“We’re just not concentrating on brick and mortar buildings anymore. We’re actually stepping away from that, and actually being mobile,” Taso Georgakovoulos of Mister Softee said.

City leaders say the mobility is one of the reasons they decided to expand.

“We do have some venues around town where having a food truck would be sort of a natural pairing if you will. Look at the Ripken Complex. We’ve got young people playing baseball or softball. So that they don’t have to leave and go get lunch, we could have a couple of food trucks come in and feed the young people there,” Mark Kruea, spokesperson for the city of Myrtle Beach said.

The city’s food truck permits allow food trucks to operate year-round as an accessory use to an existing business, like at a hospital.

To keep the competition low, food trucks are not allowed within 300 feet of a brick and mortar restaurant without permission.

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