This evening at the Grand 14 Theatre in the Market Common, the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival begins

The films in the festival are independent and are up for awards after they are screened.

News13 spoke to one film producer in town from Seattle about why festivals like this are unique.

“You just don’t see these types of films,” Ed Hartman said. “A lot of the films never make it out of the festivals too. I’ve seen incredible films at festivals that I’ve never seen again. I couldn’t understand why they weren’t in theaters, they were very good films.”

Hartman co-produced and composed “As the Earth Turns”, a syfy film originally created in the 1930s by Richard H. Lyford.

Lyford went on to work for Disney and create an Academy Award-winning documentary.

“The film chose us, this was a new film discovered by my co-producer,” Hartman said. “She was put in charge of the film. She found me through other circumstances. She asked if I would score it, and I said sure I’d love to.”