Myrtle Beach (WBTW) — A local author is bringing mystery to the beach.

‘Death on the Boardwalk’ is Caleb Wygal’s fifth book. He said he became an author after writing short stories while working for his uncle in the mid-2000s.

“He had a hearing-aid office in Greenville, South Carolina, and sometimes it wouldn’t be that busy and I would read books all the time,” Wygal said. “So my uncle said, ‘Do something on the computer. Look busy. I don’t care what it is. Just do something.’ So I said, ‘Alright, I’ll just write some short stories.’ I took one to a publisher and they said ‘Yeah, we’ll publish it for you.'”
Four books later and several miles down the road, Wygal got the idea for his latest while driving his young son up and down the strip to get him to take a nap. From there, he started getting the small-town feel and decided to use it as a setting for a mystery novel.
“I started looking into cases that were unique or unsolved,” Wygal said. “I found one from a medical plant out in Florence that I thought I could adapt that to resorts here on the strip.”

But even after Death on the Boardwalk ends, the series is far from finished. Wygal plans at least three books in the series, with the next titled Death Washes Ashore.

“With the individual mystery, there’s an over-arching mystery that’s going on, because there’s going to be a series of books that you won’t know what the mystery is until the very last line of the book,” Wygal said. “That’s the cliffhanger I leave people on the very last line of the book.”
Death on the Boardwalk will be released on Feb. 2. It’ll be available on Kindle, paperback and hardcover. It can be pre-ordered on Wygal’s website.