MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Brenda Bethune currently serves as Myrtle Beach’s mayor, and she’s seeking a second term in office as one of five candidates running for the position.

The win four years ago was her first time winning an elected position after spending years taking care of her family business.

“I do not consider myself a politician…never have,” Bethune said. “That’s not why I ran for mayor. That’s not why I wanted this job. I consider myself a public servant.”

Bethune said mayor of Myrtle Beach is supposed to be a part-time job and said she has committed to it as if it were her full-time job.

“I am passionate about serving this community, and I love my job,” Bethune said. “I love the people. I love Myrtle Beach.”

Bethune said she’s delivered on campaign promises from four years ago when she focused on crime, homelessness and downtown revitalization. She added that there is still work to do.

“We’re not done yet,” Bethune said. “We’ve accomplished so many great things over the past 4 years, but it’s only the beginning, and there’s so much more to do, and I would like to still continue to be a part of making those things happen.”

Should Bethune win a second term in office in November, she said her second term would build on the first. Crime and public safety would continue to be her top priorities.

“That means continuing to invest in our police department,” Bethune said. “We see nationwide a lot of cities are defunding their police. Now is not the time to take money away from our police departments. It’s the time to increase that.”

Bethune said she’s made it a point of emphasis to be active in the community as mayor but also said the city still has room to grow when it comes to getting more community members involved in city business.

“I believe we have the tools to get people involved,” Bethune said. “I don’t think we’ve done the best job of communicating to them how to get involved, and that’s something we need to really focus on.”

News13 is profiling every candidate running for mayor in Myrtle Beach. Gene Ho was set to be profiled Friday but has asked to reschedule.