MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — C.D. Rozsa is one of the five candidates running for mayor of Myrtle Beach.

This is Rozsa’s second time running for office, previously vying for the city’s top job in 2017.

Rozsa is a small business owner in Myrtle Beach and has lived in the region for 25 years with the last 15 years inside Myrtle Beach city limits.

“The city has gone downhill in four years,” Rozsa said. “It’s not the city that it used to be, and I really want to bring Myrtle Beach back to its old glory. Myrtle Beach used to be a family destination. People would love to come here and now they’re scared to come here.”

Rozsa said he is the “blue-collar” candidate with his run for mayor being completely self-funded. Rozsa said he is not asking for nor accepting donations “because people are still trying to recover from being shut down from COVID and are dealing with not having the staff they need so profits are down.” He added, “now is not a good time to be asking for money for promoting myself in local politics,”

Rozsa said current city leadership ignores certain sectors of the city and said he would make sure to change that as mayor.

“I don’t take no for an answer, and I’m not afraid to stand up for what I feel is right,” Rozsa said. “I don’t follow the money. I go for the people, not the money. You look at Myrtle Beach and a lot of what goes on in Myrtle Beach is the rich people get what they want. I’m here for everybody else.”

On top of making Myrtle Beach more family friendly, Rozsa said he’d focus on crime, drug trafficking and sex trafficking in the city.

“You’re not going to eliminate crime but you can get a handle on it,” Rozsa said. “We really have to form task forces. We’ve got to restructure the police department. We need more police officers. We need to figure out why police officers are leaving and why it’s such a transient place.”

Myrtle Beach city government follows the council-manager style where all seven city council members, including the mayor, have one vote. If elected mayor, Rozsa would push for the city to follow the mayor-council government style, giving the mayor more executive power.

“The mayor is just a figurehead and a scapegoat and a vote on city council which I’d like to change that,” Rozsa said. “Getting the mayor to have more responsibilities and have more of a presence is what needs to be done.”

News13 is profiling every candidate running for mayor in Myrtle Beach. Gene Ho was set to be profiled Friday but has asked to reschedule.