Myrtle Beach non-profit working to end child sexual exploitation in Horry County

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A Myrtle Beach nonprofit hopes to be the community’s resource for the human trafficking needs of Horry County.

Daybreak Myrtle Beach is a new 501c3 nonprofit organization that was co-founded by Rich Montgomery and Julia Hicks.

“Our mission statement is bringing awareness, education, and resources to the human trafficking needs of Horry County,” said Montgomery.

The organization gives information on how to protect children against sex abuse and human trafficking.

Public meetings will be held in upcoming weeks to recruit volunteers for projects like “The Soap Project.”

Daybreak Myrtle Beach is working to label a human trafficking hotline number to bars of soap and place them in hotel bathrooms throughout the county.

“I think the more volunteers we bring in that’s just the more brains, the more abilities, the more skill sets and the more opportunity we’ll have to help,” said Montgomery.

The group hopes to gain enough traction to reach students in Horry County Schools.

“We want to get out into the schools, like I said, and talk to the kids about it. Talk to counselors about it, so they can talk to kids,” said Montgomery.

While a human trafficking task force already exists in the county, Daybreak Myrtle Beach wants to be the public’s resource.

“I think our part of it is obviously not the law enforcement piece, but again it’s the public piece. So if we can create noise, if you will, the public awareness and bring it out. Then we can start educating,” said Montgomery.

You can find more information about the nonprofit, upcoming meetings, events and projects by clicking here.

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