Myrtle Beach Police Department K9 gets retirement sendoff

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — K9 Daisy with the Myrtle Beach Police Department had quite the sendoff into retirement Thursday.

For the past five years, Daisy and her handler, PFC Shon McCluskey, have been inseparable.

“The bond is incredible. It’s really incredible,” McCluskey said.

Daisy turns 10 years old next week but started working at 4 years old. As a narcotics detection dog, Daisy has deployed 800 times. Her biggest case was in 2019 when she helped seize 9.6 pounds of marijuana.

McCluskey has been with the Myrtle Beach Police Department for 24 years but just 5 in the K9 unit.

“It’s actually been pretty incredible. Coming to K9 is a huge change from policing. It’s not the same as going from patrol call to patrol call because obviously now I got a dog I got to care for,” McCluskey said.

McCluskey added that, “Once I made it, I learned to love it and quite honestly, I regret not getting involved in the K9 unit a long time ago. It’s been an incredible experience, it’s kind of revived my career from what was normal to making it exceptional,”

“It’s been incredible, especially with Daisy, how good she is — not just at her job, but with people,” McCluskey said. “One of the most rewarding things with my career is being able to take her into schools, take her to events.”

When she’s not working, Daisy lives with McCluskey and his other dogs. He joked that she’ll be the best trained — being a Belgian Milionis breed — she listens to Dutch commands. But he said it’s time for Daisy to retire so she can enjoy just being a regular dog.

McCluskey will now be paired with Goggles, an explosives detection dog.

“Still handling a dog, still working a dog, it’s just we’re looking for different things, but with Goggles, I’m hoping she doesn’t find anything where with Daisy I was hoping she would find something,” McCluskey said.

Even though Daisy will be living at home with him, he said it’s going to be difficult.

“People say she’s going to be home with you, well, I’m losing her 12 hours of my day and it’s going to be really difficult,” he said.

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