MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW)- Myrtle Beach Police are teaming up with a home security system company as a new initiative to reduce crime.

They are partnering with the company Ring and specifically the Ring Neighbors App.
Anyone can download and use the free app. They don’t have to have a Ring device.

It allows people to post information anonymously. For example, people can post if there is a suspicious person in the area or post photographs of someone trying to break in.
When someone post, it shows up as an anonymous i.d.  If police need to communicate they will do so via email. 

The company Ring reached out to Myrtle Beach about this initiative because there are already 1,100 registered Ring devices in Myrtle Beach.

“The concept of having an officer on the corner at all times is impossible so we partner with our community be the eyes and ears of law enforcement,” said Marty Brown, Myrtle Beach Police Assistant Chief.

There are about 50 other cities across the country doing this, and Myrtle Beach is the first on the East Coast.