HORRY COUNTY S.C. (WBTW) — A $31.5 million cable landing station is coming to the Myrtle Beach International Technology and Aerospace Park.

DC BLOX, a southeastern multi-tenant data center, is building a station in Myrtle Beach that will serve as the landing point for subsea optical communication cables.

The project has been in the works in Horry County for over a year now. Leaders in the area said this project has the potential to make Horry County a technology hub.

Corporations like Google and Amazon look for cable landing stations like this to land their undersea internet cables. The station will also serve as a regional exchange point for communications providers.

Bill Thomson, DC BLOX vice president of marketing and project management, said they’re focusing on a solid support framework.

“Fiber networks, as well as data center and subsea cables, that’s the infrastructure that carries all that data — that carries all that information — from the consumer, the person using the device, and the company that’s actually providing the service,” Thomson said. “So it’s growing as you know exponentially and we’re just building out the infrastructure to support all the services.”

Horry County Council members said the aerospace park was designed for this type of project.

“While they may not employ very many people, it will bring ancillary businesses in that depend on them and that depend on this cable that’s coming in to do their business,” Councilman Gary Loftus said.

Leaders at DC BLOX said they chose Myrtle Beach because of its geographic advantages.

“Myrtle Beach is very close to what is emerging as the southeastern data center and connectivity hub of Atlanta,” Thomson said. “So having international subsea cables come into this region and have close proximity to Atlanta and a lot of connectivity enabled there is a real benefit.”

The tech companies that will use this landing station have not been disclosed.

Tyler Servant, Horry County Council vice-chairman, said he’s excited for the future of this project.

“We’re really in the introductory phases for this company to come in here and purchase the land and so a lot of these exciting announcements are going to be taking place over the coming months, but this is a major, major step as it relates to helping diversify our economy here in Horry County,” Servant said.

Operations are expected to go online in June 2023.

DC BLOX leaders said the project will bring three jobs to the area, but as it develops more partnerships with tech companies that number is expected to grow.